Free Doctoral Course on Digital Transformation

On behalf of the partners of the Innovative Doctoral Courses for Sustainability (IDOCOS) project, it is our pleasure to invite PhD students to enroll the online course:
Digital Transformation
The self-study course Digital Transformation is for doctoral students. The main objective of the course is to provide opportunities for participants to learn and explore how digitalization can contribute to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals – to trigger transformation for sustainable development. Learn more about the course here.

In Brief:

This course is for doctoral students who wishes to learn more about digital transformation and how digitalization can contribute to the implementation of the UN sustainable development goals.

When? The course will be launched on 8 February 2023

What to expect? After completing the course, you should be able to:
  • Understand digital transformation in an organisational context.
  • Understand how digital transformation can be related to sustainability and could accelerate the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Locate and analyse appropriate scholarly and other resources regarding digital transformations.
  • Understand the relation between an organisation’s strategies and their impacts on selection, prioritisation and monitoring of a project.
  • Consider and suggest how digital transformation for sustainable development could be implemented through projects.
Requirements: To enroll, you must be a PhD student.
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You will receive a confirmation message with the necessary instructions once you have registered.

Learn more about the IDOCOS project here:


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