Between 17nd May and 4th of June 2021, the PhD students registered in 1st, 2nd and 3rd years will hand in the progress reports related to the doctoral study progress. In order to facilitate the editing and submitting the reports, the Council for Doctoral Studies (CDS) offers the PhD students the platform

The schedule for completing this activity is the following:

 Between 17nd May and 4th of June 2021 - The online of progress reports of research, with the advice of the scientific supervisor.

  The PhD students will access the platform using the accounts created; Attention: the username and password are different from the IDM ones (webstudent,

 - The PhD students from 1st year of study will receive the access data and the account details at  the e-mail address, the one declared upon admission and the address you are receiving this e-mail;

- The 2nd and 3rd year PhD students will use the accounts already created; The students who lost contact data may use the form for their recovery;


Between 17nd May and 4th of June 2021, the PhD students will upload on their personal page on the portal all the information required for generating the progress report, including the extended version of the progress report in PDF format;

Between 7th and 18th of June 2021 -  Evaluation of progress reports by the steering committees, can be done online, by videoconference  according to the information you get by accessing your personal account.

The version of the reports will have the PhD supervisor and support commision approval signatures, and also the date and the signature of the PhD student.

 Our office  will grant technical support to PhD students until the 17nd  May and 18th June 2021, in order to finish submitting the data in due time and to solve any problems that might arise.  

The encountered problems are sending by e-mail to:

 -Director CSUD-Prof. univ. dr. Mirela Ionela ACELEANU,e-mail:,

- Secretarul tehnic al CSUD - Prof. univ. dr. Vlad DIACONIȚĂ, e-mail:

- Șef Birou CSUD – Ec. Alexandrina NEDEA, e-mail:

- Secretar an I - Dennis – Cristian MIHĂILĂ, e-mail: 

- Secretar an II – Iulia CUCULICI, e-mail:

- Secretar an III - Sima Marilena Roxana, e-mail: 

 Useful information


Ø A Word template of  the Document for the Evaluation of the Progress Report is available at:


Ø The activities schedule for the 2020 – 2021 academic year


Ø User Guide

After entering the information in each icon, click on 201 PROGRESS REPORT. Here you will find the printable version of the progress report, in the final form. This will be signed by the doctoral student and by the supervisor and uploaded on the platform under the heading Results of the research program-> Signed report. After defending the report, the uploaded report signed only by the supervisor will be replaced with the one signed by all the members of the guidance commission.


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