REGISTER NOW: Multiplier Event in Brussels of Erasmus+ Project THEE | 19 JULY (9h00-13h30)

On the 19th of July, from 9h00 to 13h30, UNICA will be hosting the Multiplier Event of the project 

Teaching in Higher Education Effectively via Eye-tracking (THEE)

For two years the consortium of the THEE project studied the eye movements of lecturers and students through the use of special glasses during classes. The analysis of eye data has provided direct information about the cognitive process of lecturers, allowing them to improve their teaching skills.
On 19 July:
  • Presentation of In-class technology interaction practices in Turkey, Italy, and Lithuania;
  • Interpretation, determination, and comparison of In-class technology interaction practices;
  • Presentation of e-Learning contents for the in-class technology interaction practices.
More informations about this event and the registration:


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