Economics II

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Research themes for the Economics II Doctoral School


The Board of Economics II Doctoral School

1. Prof.dr. Mirela Stoian Director
2. Prof.dr. Dan Boboc Member
3. Ec. Cosmin Popescu Member
4. Prof.dr. Mihai Tita Member
5. Drd. Alina Zaharia PhD Students Representative 

Doctoral Schools Members

Agapie Adriana
Boboc Dan 
Bran Florina
Diego Begalii
Istudor Nicolae
Manole Victor
Năstase Mircea
Popescu Gabriel
Rădulescu Carmen Valentina
Roman Dorin Toma
Stoian Mirela
Voicu Radu
Radulescu Carmen Valentina


About the Doctoral School

The doctoral studies within the Faculty of Agrifood and Environmental Economics has a tradition of over six decades, being followed by both faculty’s graduates and other university’s graduates (national and from abroad). Between 1956 and 1965, the number of ‘aspiranzi’ (PhD students) that obtained the candidate in science title (after 1966, this degree was equivalent with the PhD degree) in Agriculture Economics was small, only 5 people, but their interest proved the special attention granted to this research area.  Interest for this domain was present starting previous decades: one of the PhD supervisors in Academy of Commercial and Industrial High Studies between 1921 and 1948, Virgil N. Madgearu (PhD in Economics and Financial Sciences from the University from Leipzig) conducted a doctoral seminar on the topic Romanian agriculture issues. Among the PhD supervisors in ASE starting the seventh decade of the previous century, Professor Vasile Malinschi was a remarkable scientific personality in the field of agricultural cooperative phenomenon. Starting 2000, the list of PhD domains and specializations, the fundamental domain Economic Sciences – Economics the area Agrarian Economics can be found, and starting the 2005-2006 academic year, the PhD programme introduces new requirements and other organizing structure under the ASE Doctoral School that coordinated a Doctoral School for every PhD domain. Between 2005 and 2008, the Economics doctoral domain is conducted within two faculties: the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Agrifood and Environmental Economics. Subsequently, starting the 2009-2010 academic year, this domain in split into two domains: Economics 1 and Economics 2. This is how the Economics 2 Doctoral School was born within the structure of the Faculty of Agrifood and Environmental Economics. In the present, the doctoral studies are conducted in the agrifood economics and environmental economics area, and the research topics mainly aim: economic policies in agriculture, food industry, agricultural products distribution and environmental protection, rural and regional development, agrifood management and marketing. The following professors have supervised or continue to supervise PhD studies: Dan Boboc, Florina Bran, Sandu Costache, Nicolae David, Gheorghe Frățilă, Nicolae Istudor, Vasile Malinschi, Victor Manole, Mircea Năstase, Oprea Parpală, Gabriel Popescu, Mirela Stoian, V. V. Topor, Radu Voicu, Letiția Zahiu.


Doctoral School Director office hours 

Tuesday, 14,30-16,30

Room 3203, building Mihail Moxa,

str. Mihail Moxa, nr. 5-7

Tel. 021 3191900/ 566


Academia de Studii Economice din Bucuresti
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