New volume on political demography in the Balkans

Call for Papers: Political demography: Population change in the Balkans following the 1878 Treaty of Berlin


The Balkan History Association is preparing a volume on political demography with the aim to present a more comprehensive approach to the complicated topic of demographic dynamics in the Balkans following the Treaty of Berlin (1878) until the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. The volume will be published by Peter Lang (in the series “South-East European History”). We welcome researchers from all around the world to contribute to this volume with original scientific papers that deal with some of the following topics: Population changes in the Balkans (changes in population structure – ethnic and religious in particular – due to border changes and peace-time developments; vital statistics, demographic patterns: similarities and differences); population statistics and identity (the impact of state-run population data recording on defining, altering, or forming collective identity); demographic warfare (population policies in the Balkans: role of demographics in the general political framework; evolution of the “Eastern question”); population data and propaganda (population data as part of propaganda efforts, 19th century maps, books, etc.).



June 19, 2023: Submission of proposals to editors
July 10, 2023: Notification of accepted proposals
November 6, 2023: Receipt of final papers for peer review
January 15, 2024: Revised chapters re-submitted to editors


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