Council of Doctoral School of Accounting

Prof. univ .dr. Camelia Iuliana LUNGUDirector
Prof. univ. dr. Ștefania-Cristina CUREAMember
Prof. univ. dr. Aurelia ȘTEFĂNESCU Member
Șerban TOADER Member
Andreia STANCIUMember
PhD Student Andreea Mădălina BOJANPhD Student Representative
PhD Student Emil Adrian BANCUPhD Student Representative


Current NoNameE-mail
1.Cătălin Nicolae
3.Ofelia Ema
5.Ștefania - Cristina
7.Voicu - Dan
8.Valentin Florentin
9.Adriana DUȚ
11.Corina IOANĂȘ
13.Ion IONAȘ
17.Camelia Iuliana
20.Ileana NIȘ
21.Mihai PĂUNICĂ
23.Adriana Florina
25.Vasile RĂ
26.Daniela Nicoleta
27.David Maria Iulia
28.Georgiana Oana
29.Cleopatra Ș
30.Elena Claudia Ş
31.Aurelia ȘTEFĂ
32.Eugeniu Ț
33.Mihai VUȚĂ

About the Doctoral School of Accounting

History – Mission – Objectives

The Doctoral School of Accounting has a long tradition in organizing and conducting doctoral studies within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, an advanced research and education university. Starting with 1921, the university was granted the right to award the academic title of “Doctor of Economic Sciences”. In 1997, ASE was accredited as a Doctorate Organizing Institution, by Order of the Minister of National Education, for eight doctoral programs, and in 2011, ASE was re-accredited as an Organizing Institution for Doctoral University Studies – IOSUD for ten doctoral programs doctorate, including Accounting.

The Doctoral School of Accounting is organized and operates in accordance with a set of reference values: professionalism, vocation, integrity, dedication, social responsibility. It distinguishes by a diversified and dynamic offer of doctoral research topics, in connection with the latest approaches in the field. Its activity is defined based on the strategic objectives of the doctoral research in the Accounting Field, centred on research-based learning, with the aim of developing skilled human resources in carrying out scientific research, capable of insertion on the highly qualified labour market at national and international level.

Audience schedule: Director of Doctoral School of Accounting

Wednesday – 13.00-14.00 with preliminary appointment by email at:
Room 0210, Ion N Angeles Building, Căderea Bastiliei Street, 2-10 / Online