The Council for Doctoral Studies


The Bucharest University of Economic Studies received the right to conduct doctorates and award the title of Doctor of Economic Sciences in 1921.

Currently, ASE organizes the following 10 PhD programs, in the fundamental fields of Economics and Law, having obtained the maintenance of accreditation for them, according to Order no. 5775 of 14.12.2021

About the Bucharest University of Economic Studies

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is the most prestigious higher education institution in Romania in the field of Economics, Business Administration and Public Administration. Founded by Royal Decree on 6 April 1913, our university has trained numerous generations of graduates who have become outstanding personalities in their field.

In ASE the following principles are implemented in achieving professional development and scientific research goals: autonomy and academic freedom, student-contracted education, respect for the status of teachers as trainers and educators, public accountability, quality assurance. Following the national evaluation, ASE was included in the category of Advanced Research and Education Universities. The University has been confirmed as a national leader in the field of business studies, according to the latest results provided by U-Multirank – the international ranking of EU universities

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is also recognized for its diversified set of specializations in the field of Economics and Business, with 12 faculties, 22 departments and over 20,000 students from Romania and other countries, offering a unique learning experience through the largest number of bachelor and master programs in Economics, Business Administration and Public Administration. Performance in the economic and social environment, international cooperation and visibility, scientific novelty and multi-disciplinarity define the research environment in ASE

The University has 22 research centres with the main objectives: to establish ESA as a university of education and scientific research, to increase the international component of scientific research, to exploit the results of scientific research through publication in nationally and internationally recognised journals and to ensure a balance between basic and applied research.

Membership and affiliation to international associations and networks in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region: AUF – Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, CONFRECO – Conférence des Recteurs des universities membres de l’AUF en Europe Centrale et Orientale, ERA – European Retail Academy, EUA – European University Association, EUNIS – European University Information Systems, HERMES – Higher Education and Research in Management of European Universities, IAAER – International Association for Accounting Education and Research, RESER – European Association for Research on Services, Visegrad University Association. The University has 93 bilateral ERASMUS agreements with universities in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway

About our PhD programmes

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies received the right to conduct doctorates and, implicitly, to award the title of Doctor of Economic Sciences in 1921. Since 1995, the National Council for Accreditation of University Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates – CNADCU has accredited universities to conduct doctorates in certain branches and specialisations of science.

In 1997 ASE was accredited as a Doctoral Organizing Institution (IOD), by Order of the Minister of National Education, for 7 doctoral programs, in the fundamental fields of Economics and Law: Cybernetics and Economic Statistics, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, International Economic Relations, Law. In 2011, ASE is reaccredited as an Organizing Institution for Doctoral Studies – IOSUD for 10 doctoral programs in the core areas of Economics and Law

  1. Business Administration
  2. Cybernetics and Economic Statistics
  3. Economic Informatics
  4. Accounting
  5. Economics
  6. International Business and Economics
  7. Finance
  8. Management
  9. Marketing
  10. Law

The work of doctoral schools shall be organised in such a way as to ensure that the following principles are respected:

  • the principle of transparency;
  • the principle of accountability;
  • the principle of quantitative evaluation of the work of doctoral schools and their members;
  • the development of interdisciplinary research leading to highly professional scientific work;
  • compliance with the requirements of ethics and professional conduct;
  • internationalisation of the activities of the doctoral school.

The following strategic objectives are proposed for the immediate future in the field of doctoral studies:

  • developing doctoral schools around interdisciplinary research poles of excellence;
  • increasing the international visibility of ASE doctoral schools;
  • creating a favourable framework for attracting new sources of funding for the activities carried out by the university’s doctoral schools.

Currently, the 10 PhD programmes are managed by 11 doctoral schools organised at faculty level within the university. Doctoral activity in the doctoral schools is coordinated by the Council for Doctoral Studies (CSUD) Doctoral studies are carried out on a full-time and part-time basis, in Romanian or in an international language (English, German, French).

The doctoral schools are distinguished by a diversified and dynamic offer of doctoral research topics, defined on the basis of the research project objectives of each of the 939 PhD students from Romania, but also from other countries (Germany, USA, UK, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Tunisia, etc.), in connection with the latest approaches in the field and the demands generated by the evolution of the global economy.

Members of the Council for Doctoral Studies (CSUD) of the Academy of Economic Studies

1.Ph.D. Professor Mirela ACELEANU (Director CSUD)
2.Luminița CHIVU (Director General Inst. Naț. de
Cerc. Ec. Costin C Kirițescu al Academiei Române)
3.Ph.D. Professor Ionuț SIMION (PWC)
4.Ph.D. Professor Valentin
5.Ph.D. Professor Nadia
6.Ph.D. Professor Mihai BĂ
7.Ph.D. Professor Camelia Iuliana
8.Ph.D. Professor Paul
9.Ph.D. Professor Emilia ȚIȚ
10.Ph.D. Professor Cristinel
11.Ph.D. Professor Raluca Georgiana LĂ
12.Ph.D. Professor Răzvan
13.Ph.D. Professor Georgeta VINTILĂ
14.PhD Student Andreea Mădălina
15.PhD Student Claudia Maria
16.PhD Student Cătălina Ioana

Directors of Doctoral Studies

Ph.D. Professor Cristinel VASILIUcristinel.vasiliu@com.ase.roBusiness Administration PhD School
Ph.D. Professor Emilia ȚIȚANemilia.titan@csie.ase.roCybernetics and Economic Statistics PhD School
Ph.D. Professor Camelia Iuliana LUNGUcamelia.lungu@cig.ase.roAccounting PhD School
Ph.D. Professor Andreea Claudia ȘERBAN andreea.serban@economie.ase.roEconomics I PhD School
Ph.D. Professor Georgiana-Raluca LĂDARUraluca.ladaru@eam.ase.roEconomics II PhD School
Ph.D. Professor Valentin COJANUvalentin.cojanu@rei.ase.roInternational Business and Economics PhD School
Ph.D. Professor Ștefan-Cristian GHERGHINAstefan.gherghina@fin.ase.roFinance PhD School
Ph.D. Professor Marian STOICAmarians@ase.roEconomic Informatics PhD School
Ph.D. Professor Nadia CIOCOIUnadia.ciocoiu@man.ase.roManagement PhD School
Ph.D. Professor Răzvan ZAHARIArzaharia@ase.roMarketing PhD School
Ph.D. Professor Mihai BĂDESCUmihai.badescu@drept.ase.roLaw PhD School