Council of Doctoral School of Business Administration

Prof. univ. dr. Cristinel VASILIU Director
Prof. univ. dr. Corina Monica PELĂU Member
Prof. univ. dr. Andreea ȘCHIOPUMember
Prof. univ. dr. Florin BONCIUMember
Dr. Denisa VLAD Member
PhD Student Ana Maria BADEAPhD Student Representative
PhD Student Ionuț Andrei MILITARUPhD Student Representative


Current NoNameE-Mail
2.Sorin ANAGNOSTE (CV/Domenii)
3.Mihail BUȘU (CV/Domenii)
5.Elena CONDREA (CV/Domenii)
6.Carmen-Eugenia COSTEA (CV/Domenii)
7.Mihaela Alina DIMA (CV/Domenii)
8.Violeta DINCĂ (CV/Domenii)
9.Raluca-Mariana GROSU (CV/Domenii)
10.Remus-Ion HORNOIU (CV/Domenii)
11.Puiu NISTOREANU (CV/Domenii)
12.Marieta OLARU (CV/Domenii)
13.Rodica PAMFILIE (CV/Domenii)
14.Carmen Monica PĂUNESCU (CV/Domenii)
15.Corina Monica PELĂU (CV/Domenii)
16.Doru PLEŞEA (CV/Domenii)
17.Dorin-Vicenţiu POPESCU (CV/Domenii)
18.Andreea Simona SĂSEANU (CV/Domenii)
19.Roxana SÂRBU (CV/Domenii)
20.Andreea Fortuna ȘCHIOPU (CV/Domenii)
21.Olimpia STATE (CV/Domenii)
22.Adrian TANŢĂU (CV/Domenii)
23.Sorin George TOMA (CV/Domenii)
24.Gabriela ŢIGU (CV/Domenii)
25.Claudia-Elena ȚUCLEA (CV/Domenii)
26.Simona Nicoleta VASILACHE (CV/Domenii)
27.Cristinel  VASILIU (CV/Domenii)
28.Simona-Lelia VOINEA (CV/Domenii)

About the Doctoral School of Business Administration

In 1951, the Faculty of Commerce and Cooperation was established, replacing the Faculty of Commercial Sciences, founded in 1947 – later renamed as the Faculty of Commerce. This faculty took over the management of doctoral research topics related to business administration. In 1966, two doctoral specializations were established (commerce and commodity science), to which research topics in the field of tourism were added starting from 1977 – among the doctoral supervisors being: Prof. Dr. Iosif Ionescu-Muscel, Prof. Dr. Dumitru Dima, Prof. Dr. Eugen Bara, Prof. Dr. Dumitru Patriche.

The history of the Doctoral School of Business Administration is closely linked to the history of our university, as the Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies had a declared orientation towards training economists in the field of commerce and industry – an orientation that remained throughout its existence. In the context of this orientation, the first doctoral theses on business administration were elaborated starting from 1928, addressing research topics related to commercial aspects and commodity studies.

After 1990, the number of doctoral supervisors significantly increased, with the Faculty of Commerce managing the Economics doctoral field. Since 2010, doctoral studies have been conducted in the field of Business Administration within the Doctoral School of Business Administration, which brings together doctoral supervisors from the Faculty of Business and Tourism (the current name of the Faculty of Commerce) and from the Faculty of Business Administration with instruction in foreign languages.

Currently, doctoral studies are conducted in Romanian, English, German, and French, with the Doctoral School of Business Administration standing out for its dynamism and international openness, managing to attract a significant number of students – doctoral candidates from Romania, as well as from other countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, the USA, the UK, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Vietnam, among others.